With Mix & Match Mutations, kids can find out how it looks if the Turtles had Metalhead’s power, Shredder’s armor, Tiger Claw’s stripes and Splinter’s quick reaction hands. Kids can mix and match the heads, arms, legs and torsos of the fully articulated 4.5” tall action figures to create hundreds of different mutations 90381_MixnMatchLeo_inset2 (2) (6)90383_MixnMatchMike (2) (7) 90382_MixnMatchDon (2) (7)90384_MixnMatchRaph (2) (7)90388_MixnMatchMetalhead (2) (7)90385_MixnMatchSplinter (2) (7)   These Ninja Turtles to Weapons   91471_LeoFigtoWeapon3 91473_MikeFigtoweapon2 91474_RaphFigtoWeapon3   Leonardo Sewer Playset.  Leonardo transforms into a playset and reverts back into an action figure. 24inLeoTurtle to Playset 1 24inLeoTurtle to Playset 2 24inLeoTurtle to Playset 3 24inLeoTurtle to Playset 4     Super charged Vehicle Turtles 94371_TurberCharger1 94371_TurberCharger2 94371_TurberCharger3This vehicle is actually two in one.  It can transform from one vehicle into another   94262_QuadRotorwithLeo (2) 94262_QuadRotorwithLeo_inset1a (2) 94262_QuadRotorwithLeo_inset1b (3) 94262_QuadRotorwithLeo_inset2 (3) 94262_QuadRotorwithLeo_inset3 (3) 94262_QuadRotorwithLeo_Pkg (1) 94263_TriflyerwithRaph (2) 94263_TriflyerwithRaph_inset1a (2) 94263_TriflyerwithRaph_inset1b (3) 94263_TriflyerwithRaph_inset2 (3) 94263_TriflyerwithRaph_inset3 (3) 94263_TriflyerwithRaph_Pkg (1)   2-Pack Vehicles ????????????????????????????????????????? 97711_TMachines_2PK_LeoFishface_PKG_final 97711_TMachines_2PK_LeoFishface_PKG_final 97711_TMachines_2PK_LeoFishface_PKG_final   97760_TMachines4Pack 4-pack Vehicles Leo's Audio Tuner Party VanAudio Tuner Party Van   T-Machines Tracks 97876_TMachines Garage & Lair 97877_TMachines Sewer Gas Station 97961_TMachinesTurtlesRevengeTrackset (1)97861_TMachines_ShellLauncher_PKG_final   97211_RaphShellraiser (1) (1) 97212_FishfceShellcrusher (1) (1) 97213_ShredderShreddermobile (1) (1) 97215_LeoAT3 (1) (1) 97216_LeoStealthBike (1) (1) 97219_MikeyHotRod (1) (1) 97221_SplinterRatAttack (1) (1) 97223_DonnieServiceTruck (1) (1) TMachines Single Vehicles Group Shot 2 TMachines Single Vehicles Group Shot   97411_ExtremeSpeedDemonRaph 97412_ExtremePartyWagonLeo 97413_ExtremeMonsterTruckMikeVehicles with sound     and now something for the kids…. Half Shell Heroes   96110_BaxterFlyandSlash 96111_SnakeweedandSpiderBytes 96113_DojoLeowithAccy 96118_TigerClawandNewtralizer 96129_DojoMikewithAccy 96130_DojoRaphwithAccy   Bath Toys 96331_HSHBathtubSquirterLeo 96332_HSHBathtubSquirterDon 96333_HSHBathtubSquirterMike 96334_HSHBathtubSquirterRaph 96786_Dive Boat with Diver Donnie 96787_Fire Boat with Captain Raph   96814_MutationsFireTrucktoTankRaph 96814_MutationsFireTrucktoTankRaph2 96815_MutationsShellraisertoSanitationDon 96815_MutationsShellraisertoSanitationDon2 96705_TreadCycle with Raph 96706_DuneDuster with Mikey 2 96706_DuneDuster with Mikey 96756_HoverCraftwithLeo_2 96756_HoverCraftwithLeo_withfigures 96756_HoverCraftwithLeo   Special thanks to everyone at Playmates for the tour and check out our Facebook page for more coverage.

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