The Art of Todd Mcfarlane: The Devil’s in the Details to hit stores Nov. 21



The long awaited art book from TMP and Image Comics will finally see the light of day on November 21st.


Todd McFarlane’s visual biography The Art of Todd Mcfarlane: The Devil’s in the Details will cover the Superstar artist’s 30+ year career, spanning from when he first put pencil to paper to becoming a pop culture legend.  The book will feature his work on The Incredible Hulk , Coyote, Infinity Inc. as well as his character defining work on Spider-Man.  You will also see never before seen artwork on the creation of his signature character SPAWN.

Toy lovers will also get a glimpse of Mcfarlane’s toy designs and photos of Mcfarlane Toys highly detailed action figures.  Mcfarlane will also provide anecdotes throughout the 400 page biography.

“The passage of time allows you to build up a body of work, that as you step back, has meaning, and can be an inspiration for other artists along the way.  I’m happy to be able to collect my autobiography in both written and visual format.” -Todd Mcfarlane

The Art of Todd Mcfarlane will be available nationwide on November 21st and will be released in a oversized hard cover book limited to 5000 copies.  700 of those editions will be signed and numbered ($100).  Non signed editions will retail for ($64.99) and will make the perfect gift for any toy or comic fan this Holiday Season.





 T. Romero (Staff Editor)

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