He-Man and the Masters of the Universe game for your portables Review

To celebrate He-man’s 30th birthday this year Mattel and Chillingo have developed a game App based on Masters of the Universe for your iOS portables.









The game play is very simple for iOS, its basically a tap or a swipe with your thumbs.  However the controls are a bit slow to register your action and it will take time for you to master simple actions such as a power punch downward.










During the game you will have options to get new weapons or skills to aid He-man during his quest to defeat Skeletor.  Man-at-Arms can also help you for those enemies that you can’t get to.












If you die, you will visit Orko and his crystal ball to see if you can start from where you left off or get some crystal to use as currency.

You can use your currency to get powers and extra life.  you can even purchase extra content.



The game reminds me of the old school Mega Man games from Nintendo where you have to beat a Boss after going through some sort of maze.  I like the fact that we get to see some characters in this media that we would normally wouldn’t such as Megator.  Hordak also makes an appearance along with his Troopers (Here’s hoping we will see the Classics version of these Horde favorites soon.)

The game is .99 cents and worth every penny.  This game is perfect for fans old and new or even if you are a gamer.  Try it out for .99 cents you will not be disappointed.  Currently its only available through the App Store for iPhones and iPads; however due to sales and the overwhelming demand it will soon be available for Android.







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