Power Con 2020

The first day of Powercon gave us new toys from the brand as well as games for all ages.

Mega Construx

The Battle Ram from Mega Construx will include both Mekanek and Triklops.  The front of the Battle Ram separates from the body to create a sky sled for both hero and villain.

Skeletor head playlets will feature Jet sleds and Masters Tools.



Will have its first collector’s line starting with these 10″ figures of He-man, Skeleton and Beastman

The figures will not have any accessories and will retail for $9.99



The little people are available now and can be found at Big Bad Toy store for order.


Also available for preorder at Big Bad Toy Store is Mattel’s MOTU Uno game featuring classic artwork from the vintage era of Masters of the Universe.

Tiniest action figures has released their line of MOTU figures


Cortex RPG Games will release their Legends of Grayskull role playing game next year

For more information on the game, log onto Legends of Grayskull


Rob David and Kevin Smith have announced a Masters of the Universe Revelation prequel comic series, coming soon.


If you are a fan of the Classics collection, Mattel has heard your cries and has created figures based on the Revelation characters



New Slime pit and Anti -Eternia villains.  Rotar and Road Ripper vehicles that will retail for $9.99

Multipacks including cross art colors Ram Man and Red Beastman $19.99


Stratos, Merman , Roboto (with moving gears) and Ninjor.

Deluxe figures with Rotating Battle Armor chests and swappable heads, hands and accessories. $19.99

Ram Man with articulation and swappable hands and head.


LAND SHARK vehicle $29.99


Walmart exclusive Flocked Panthor $39.99 or unflocked $24.99

 Kronis and Keldor Rise of Evil 2-pack Target exclusive $29.99


 Vote for the next figure winner is Tri-Klops in mini comic colors

New 6 page mini comic will be included with figures

She-Ra will also be at retail for the ORIGINS line

  • Hi res images coming soon





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