Reveals of Outer Spacemen from the Four Horsemen

The Four Horsemen have released pictures of new Outer Spacemen figures on their Facebook site.



We just got new packaged samples of the next waves of Infinity Edition Outer Space Men into the studio a couple days ago and over the next few days we’re going to be showing those to you one at a time, with shots of the backs of the packages and a couple of big group shots to wrap everything up at the end.

Today’s reveal is one of the new characters that was just recently designed by the original creator of the Outer Space Menhimself, Mr. Mel Birnkrant. It’s the evil female counterpart to the ever transforming alien, MetamorphoOHPROMATEM!


OSMJACK1OSMJACK2The First Outer Space Man from Earth JACK ASTEROID! 


OSMTERRA1OSMTERRA2The incredible astronaut from Earth and the very first newly designed female Outer Spacemen character – TERRA FIRMA!

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