Hey Toy Collectors this is a review of Jada Toys Robocop 3.0….

Based on the rebooted Robocop movie that will be in theaters this February Jada toys has released a six inch figure as well as other figures in the line but more on that in a moment.


The figure comes in a Blister card and Bubble packaging. On this particular figure has a light up option that when you press a button on his chest his visor lights up.  On the backside of the card gives a little history of who Robocop 3.0 is in the new movie.  The card also shows other figures in this line.  Robocop 1.0 (Silver), Police cruiser with Robocop, Radio controlled police cruiser and Talking Robocop 3.0.


Outside of the package Robocop 3.0 is a six inch figure and is mostly all black and his suit is rubber looking just like the movie.  The paint is standard flat black and the paint on his face and hand drown out any detail.

The figure has an action feature that when you press a button on his chest his visor lights up.  The battery to this figure can be replaced if after long term use dies out.  Simply unscrew his back and remove and replace the 2 LR4 button cell batteries.  This is Robocop’s only action feature.


Robocop comes with two accessories, his guns that are used in the feature film.  They fit perfectly on both of his hands.

Disappointingly Robocop only has 9 points of articulation, he’s almost like a statue at 6 inches.  His head has limited movement (probably because of the light up feature) his shoulders have very limited range and his elbows are articulated but really does not contribute anything to the figure.  His legs and knees are also limited and do not bend well.

The detail on his Black Armor is very nice but with the limited articulation it’s hard to enjoy the amount of detail.

Playability is limited because of the stiff articulation, all he really is good for is to hold and point his gun and light up in the dark.

You may find this review to be a bit bias because I do not believe in reboots and I thought that the Original Robocop Feature was perfect and a reboot to the franchise is an insult to the original.  I believe they should have continued the story of Alex Murphy instead of restarting the whole thing over again.  (I’m sure Frank Miller has some new ideas.)  With that said after speaking with some people (Mr. Nostalgia) I will give this new Robocop reboot a fair and honest try.  Now on to the figure…

This six inch rendition is very disappointing.  The limited articulation damages not only the playability for kids but limits the adult collector to try and place him in some different poses.  I guess the adult collector will have to shell out some big bucks for the Gentle Giant version.

The light up feature is a nice touch but it really doesn’t add anything to the figure, its just a cheap gimmick to catch kids attention.  I like how Jada tried to make an affordable 6 inch line for this movie but they failed in their execution.  Less gimmicks and more figure movement is what I would suggest.

My suggestion wait until the movie comes out, if you enjoy it by all means make yourself happy and get  it.  If you are looking for a gift for a child, I would suggest something else.  Who knows if the movie is successful, then maybe Jada will release a more articulated figure for the adult collector.  Look how long it took for the original figure to get the Adult Collector treatment.  If you are feeling nostalgic about the original Robocop may I suggest the ‘Neca’ Robocop figure or if you can find it on E-bay the ‘Mcfarlane Toys’ Robocop (My favorite).

Happy Collecting


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