Part 1  MattyPalooza!!!

Since they took it down here are the highlights to the presentation:

DC – 2 Tier subscription to Infinite Earths – Doomsday inside and out of his containment suit but only if enough subscribers to reach tier two.

MOTUC – Two-Bad, Modulok and Glitter for 2014.

Ghostbusters – ECTO-1 Presale much like Castle Grayskull  $215.00 or get the whole package including Ray and Peter with removal backpacks for $265.00

STAN LEE’s POW Entertainment and Mattel will be creating figures together.  Their first release MOTUC Standor!

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Check out to Subscribe to Club Infinite Earths (DC), Ghostbusters Ecto -1 and Club Eternia (Masters of the Universe Classics)


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