Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich resigns from Mattel

Over the past weekend ¬†Mattel’s Matty Collector Brand Manager Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich resigned from Mattel this past Saturday.

After an interview on the Action Figure Insider’s Podcast, Neitlich has stated that Mattel knows what they are doing and that Matty Collector items that have been shown at various times will still be available to the customers at their release dates.


He also noted that Masters of the Universe Classics will still release their 2015 line and he has submitted all of his work for 2016 items.  However please note that it is still up to fan purchase for a 2016 line.

Neitlich did not give any details on his new venture but stay tune, the Toy Guru will release a statement when the time is right.


Scott Niedlich was the brand manager for Mattel and the man responsible for Masters of the Universe Classics as well as other Matty Collector products such as DC Classics, Ghostbusters figures and his favorite The back to the Future Hover Board.


We at Toy-Lines want to wish Scott all the best in his future endeavor and thank you for eight years of Masters of the Universe Classics.





Tom Romero

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