Skybound Invincible Figure from Mcfarlane Toys

Skybound Entertainment and Mcfarlane Toys are proud to present the Invincible Action figure currently on sale at the Skybound Store.


Invincible is the Skybound/Image Comics super hero character created by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) and Cory Walker (Shadowpact).  The story of Invincible is the story of Mark Grayson who as a teenager gains incredible super powers and finds out that is half alien.  He developes his powers and throughout the series becomes a hero in his own right.  Think of it as early Spider-man while having some fun with the super hero comics genre.  The series is one of my favorites and I highly suggest reading it if you get the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

I have been waiting for an Invincible figure since the series began but I’m thinking they created this figure because the Invincible comic is coming to an end.  (Invincible is currently on their last story arc)  The figure is from Mcfarlane toys who also produces the Walking Dead figures.


IMG_2507 IMG_2527

The figure is in a resealable window card with scenes from the comic book.





The figure also has a “Bloody” variant which is the same figure but with a different paint scheme.


The articulation on this 5″ figure has full rotation on his head and includes tilting up and down to get him to look up if you get him in a flying pose.  The shoulders rotate, elbows bend and full rotating wrists.  The legs bend front to back and there is articulation in the knees and feet.  There is no articulation on the waist.   The joints are very, very tight (at least on my figure) so you may need to work them a little.



The sculpting is good on this figure, not much detail but it captures the look of Invincible.

Again the figure is very tight and hard to put in certain poses and you will need to get a stand of some kind because it is difficult to have the figure stand on its own.





The paint application is fine with little smudges on his abdomen and wrists.  The rest of the paint is smooth and translates perfectly from the comic.

Not much playability with this figure but when you do pose him, it does not disrupt the paint.


IMG_2626 IMG_2636

The flying pose with the interchangeable hands will be an easy pose to get the figure in if you have a way to suspend him in the air.  Changing the hands is very easy but just be careful when changing because of the tightness you may have to work on the hands to loosen them up.



It is unfortunate that the comic series is coming to an end not only because it is a fantastic series but I would’ve also liked to have seen more figures from the series, even at this scale.

Finally Invincible fans have an action figure of their favorite protagonist but they should keep him carded and hung on the wall as a tribute to a great comic series.


Both the regular and variant figure are retailing for $25.00 at the Skybound Store 





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