Star Wars Rebels

With the Rebels movie premiering this Friday, October 3rd on The Disney Channel, they’ve also been playing little shorts to introduce us to the characters of the series.  I’ve seen quite a bit of merchandise out lately, so let’s take a look:

First we have the bags that come with the Subway kid’s meal.  When I went they just had the Sabine one.  Each bag comes with a card of the character.

sabine bag from subway  Sabine card

A Chopper alarm clock and plush.

chopper alarm clock  chopper plush

Large size figure of Jedi Knight Kanan


Large size figure of Ezra


Star Wars Rebels Lego Ghost Ship

rebels ghost

Lego figures it comes with

gHost LEgo figurEs

Star Wars Command with Rebels

rebels command

Disney Store promo

Disney store promo



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