Super 7 MOTUC and Club Grayskull update

Hello MOTU Customers and Fans –

This latest MOTU Classics pre-order is well underway and we understand there have been questions about the accessories for these new heroes and villains. Thank you for your patience and listed here is the finalized list of the Eternian extras for each of the MOTU Classics Wave 2 figures.



  • Mer-Man: The amphibious servant of Skeletor arrives armed with his Spear of Bakull, Sword of Rakash, and Freeze Ray Gun.
  • Sorceress: The protector of Eternia and the secrets of Grayskull. Sorceress comes with 2 sets of interchangeable wings (one open and the other closed), an alternate head (Kaduk Ungol), and Zoar with perch.
  • Tung Lashor: The venomous member of the Evil Horde comes equipped with a Horde Issue Jet Pack, a blaster, and an alternate head with mouth closed.
  • Man-E-Faces: The redeemed member of the Heroic Warriors comes equipped with a Man-E-Weapons assortment.


  • Karg: The ghoulish commander of Skeletor’s army comes armed with Crucia – The Dagger of Agony and a Fleshburner Laser Gun.
  • Granita: The superhuman heroine of the Rock People arrives with rock pieces and her Refraction Laser at the ready.
  • Dylamug: The evil robotic Horde Trooper comes with rotating face pieces, Cartoon-style Horde crest, firing Horde Crest, and Toy-style Horde Crest.
  • Wraptrap: The cursed undead creature emerges from the eons with the Khopesh of Kartan and Necrobow.

Please note that tooling is still being done for most of these accessories so images are not available yet. However, we promise to post images and updates as these items are finalized.

By the Power of Grayskull!

Thank you again for all your support,
Team Super7


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