Super 7’s William Stout Rebel Leader He-man

The great minds at Super 7 have done the impossible, they have figured a way to get to create figures as William Stout envisioned how they should look in the 1987 Masters of the Universe live action film.

William Stout was the production designer on the 1987 Masters of the Universe motion picture and these figures are based on his designs for the movie.


Rebel Leader He-man is a regular MOTU Classics which comes on a blister card, however he seems to be a little tall for the card itself.  Behind the card is new artwork from artist Axel Jimenez featuring He-man and a new bio about Rebel Leader He-man.


The figure is just over 7 inches and has the standard classics articulation on the head, shoulders, elbow, wrists, waist, thighs, knees and feet.  The joints on this figure are really tight so you may have to work on them a little.   I also would like to point out that I really like the cloth cape on this figure.  We don’t see this often in classics and it really is a nice addition to this figure giving it a quality which goes with the excellent look of the figure.


This He-man has a lot of new accessories including the belt which holsters his gun. There’s also a new harness with intricate detail and a black wash on the paint that makes it look battle worn.  The harness and belt do not come off, so no Blade whipping scenes for this figure.

A new Power sword  and boot knife are part of the accessories. These look exactly how they appear in the movie.  The figure holds onto the power sword very well,  but the knife and the other blade he comes with does not hold at all, it just falls.

He-man also comes with a blaster which, once more, looks straight out of the movie.


He-man comes with two heads, one which looks more like actor Dolph Lungren and the other may be just a toy line head, however the sculpt for the Dolph Lungren is well done.

The overall figure is incredible and Super 7 should be proud along with the Four Horsemen design for creating these figures that a lot of fans thought we would never get.   Posing and playing with this figure will not be a problem and it is awesome that we can recreate our favorite scenes from the movie.

I’ll be honest, even if this was not a He-man figure, this figure looks very much like a sci-fi movie hero, which is pretty cool.


This is just a bonus…


I have always wondered what a live action Prince Adam would look like and this may be the closest answer I will probably get.

Rebel Leader He-man was only available from Super 7 so the only way to get him now is on the secondary market.

With the Super 7 William Stout Rebel Leader He-man figure we He-man fans truly have the Power of Grayskull in our collection…



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