Mondo TMNT Michelangelo figure review

Posted on: August 24, 2017

The latest figure from the Mondo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection is the party chucker himself, the Michelangelo 1:6 action figure.  Michelangelo is based on the original Ninja Turtle’s look from the Eastman and Laird black and white comics.  Like most of the figures in this series there are two versions of the figure, the Monodo exclusive which comes with two pizza slices and a regular version that does not include the slices.  (We will be reviewing the regular version).

Mondo continues to release these figures in a sturdy bookend box where the cover opens to reveal the figure and his accessories through a window.  As with all of the figures in the line, the box features the same artwork on the back from illustrator James Edmiston.  The front cover displays Michelangelo in a action pose with his cartoon signature color in the background.

Opening the front flap of the box you can see a “Blueprint” of the figure, his main weapon the nunchakus and Lil’ Orphan Alien.  On the right side you see the double tray holding the Michelangelo figure with accessories:  Ray gun, baby turtle, alternate head, throwing stars, grappling hook, alternate hand and Lil’ orphan Alien figure.  (The Mondo Exclusive will include two slice of pizza).

All of the figures in this line are in the 1:6 scale which the figure measures to about 10 inches.  The sculpt is based on the same Turtles’s body but with different skin tones and washes. Prototype of the Turtles’ sculpt

Michelangelo’s skin tone is a little darker than that of Leonardo’s skin tone but not as dark as Donatello’s.  There is a dark wash which highlights the different details on his chest.  Again the body sculpt is the same throughout every figure in this series so the articulation is exactly as it was in the previous figures.  The figure has articulation in the shoulders, elbows, hands, double articulation on the knees and includes rocker joints on the feet.  This is a solid figure with a little weight but the feet are the appropriate size to hold the figure upright without any assistance.  The hands are tight enough to hold onto all of his accessories.  His joints are tight and I really didn’t have any problems or concerns posing him like I did on the Donatello figure.



The head attaches onto a ball that is at the top of the body and you have a choice of posing the figure with the Comic (Red bandanna) or the cartoon (Orange bandanna) similar to Leonardo and Donatello.

Comic Head

Cartoon Head

It seems that Mondo has heard about the troubles that some collectors have had with their Donatello and Leonardo heads and have responded with a change in Michelangelo.  (Leonardo and Donatello heads were very difficult to put on the body and pose them.  Some people have complained that the heads would just fall off when posing).  Instead of using a hard plastic for the head Mondo has changed the head to a almost rubbery plastic head.  These new heads are a very nice change to the overall figure with easy attachment and removal.  Posing the heads are so much easier and they remain attached even when you move the heads to the right or to the left.

The figure as you can see covers up the neck a lot more than the previous figures.  It kind of makes Mikey look more like a body builder.

The belt around his waist is made out of the same sturdy plastic that the other figures utilize.  Now unlike Leonardo and Donatello, Michelangelo does not come with any holders on his belt to store his Nunchakus.  There are spaces on the sides of his body which you can use to store his weapon when not in use.  However I would caution this only because of the trouble with the previous released figures’ belts.  The belts are pliable but they are fragile as well.

I’ve said this before in my previous reviews, I love the custom choices this series offers collectors and Mikey does not disappoint with his accessories:

Nunchakus (His signature weapon)

They’re made from the same plastic as his belt which makes them extremely flexible and are tied together with a real chain.

 Climbing Spike Hands

 (2) Sets of Throwing Stars

Ray Gun

Grabbling Hook

Now I’ve heard from collectors that they had trouble switching the hands, I did not have any trouble changing the hands.  All I simply did was rotate them back and forth while using light pressure to pull them out.  I used the same technique to attach the new hand.

Mikey also includes little extras such as…

 Lil’ Orphan Alien

He appeared in Michelangelo micro series issue 1

Baby Turtle

He also includes a “Surfer, hang 10” hand that will be shown later


The only quality issues I found with this figure is very minimal and may not even be on  your figure but there were two paint smudges.

 If you look closely you can see a smudge on the teeth.

The next was on a bandanna.

Again these are very minimal paint smudges and I only mention them because of the $150.00 price tag these figures command.


Michelangelo looks great in this line and has made me more excited to get Raphael to complete the line.  The paint smudges aren’t even a big deal to me, I could correct those problems myself.   I love the improvements that Mondo has made to the heads and joints which proves that they are concerned about their products and fans.  The playability with this figure is an improvement and I look forward to changing his pose every so often when I have a minute to myself.

Have fun with this figure and I will be back with Raphael (hopefully) soon.






Mondo TMNT Donatello figure review

Posted on: August 8, 2017

Mondo has done it again and released the next figure in their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ line, Donatello 1:6 action figure.

As with all of the figures in this line, it is based on the original Eastman and Laird comics from the 80s.  There are two versions of this figure, a Mondo exclusive (which includes Donatello’s Anti-Gravity Gun from the Micro series Donatello issue 1) and a regular release without.  The version we will be reviewing is the exclusive Mondo version.


The figure comes in a solid bookend box where the cover opens up to reveal the figure and his accessories through a window.  This box is similar to the Mondo Leonardo box including the rear artwork by Jason Edmiston.  The front cover shows the Turtle’s inventor/genius Donatello.  (As you can see in the lower left corner is the Mondo sticker informing the consumer that this is the Mondo exclusive)

Upon opening the front flap of the figure you can see a “blueprint” of the figure, his main weapon the Bo staff and an Utrom commander.  On the right side you see the double tray holding the Donatello figure with his accessories: Ray gun, baby turtle and alternate head.

These figures are in the 1:6 scale which stands about 10 inches.  The sculpt is similar to the Leonardo sculpt but with a different color scheme.  Donatello has a much darker skin tone than Leonardo.  The body also has a “comic” color wash to represent the original comic book.  The feet are the correct size to hold the weight and girth of the figure.  You won’t need a stand as these figures can stand by themselves.  The sculpt really details the original Eastman and Laird look of the Turtles when they first appeared in their  black and white independent comic.

The belt around his waist is made of a sturdy pliable plastic.

Caution:  Be careful when using the holster on the belt.  It will hold the staff but be gentle when removing and inserting the staff into the belt holster.

(When we removed the figure from its plastic packaging the holster on the belt fell off.  We used some temporary tape to hold it in place when taking the pictures)  We also noticed some cracking on his knee pad.  It didn’t effect his articulation but just be careful when posing the figure.


One of the great features on these figures are the customizing options, specifically the changeable heads and hands.  Included on this figure is the Purple bandanna cartoon head and the Red bandanna comic head.  Both heads can easily be changed by attaching the head to a ball joint on the figure.  Both heads fit snuggly onto the body.  The ball joint feature provides full rotation of the attached head which allows for unique customization.  Rotating the head while attached is not recommended because the head will come off, its best to position the head prior to attaching it to the body.

(Leonardo sculpt shown; same sculpt)




The articulation is similar to that of the Leonardo figure.  You have articulation and joints on the shoulders, bi-ceps, elbow, hands,  thighs, ankle rockers and double joints on the knees.  All this articulation is perfect for getting your figure into some unique turtle poses.

Unlike my Leonardo figure, Donatello’s joints were loose especially on the legs which made it difficult to pose the legs correctly.  It did take some time to rotate the joints to where I wanted them so please be careful when moving the parts around and try not to be forceful.

The hands are tight enough to hold his staff and other accessories such as the ninja stars.


Donatello also comes with interchangeable climbing hands, “thumbs up” hand, ninja stars, grabbling hook and his anti-gravity gun that he used in his micro comic series.




Exclusive to this Mondo set includes Donatello’s Anti-Gravity gun that was featured in his Micro series Donatello -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle #1

The gun is made out of a very pliable plastic which helps when attaching the gun to Donatello’s arm but its a little tricky to attach it.  (More on that below) It has a nice black wash which compliments the details on the gun.

In order to attach the gun to his hand, you would first remove his right hand from his arm and remove the handle from the gun.

Insert the hand into the gun (this is where the pliability really works to your advantage), next insert the handle back into the gun through the inserted hand.

Reattach the hand to the arm.


Bonus accessories included in both versions are an Utrom commander and a Donatello Baby turtle.


Donatello looks great as part of this line but he does have some quality issues, such as the loose joints, the fragile belt and extremity pads.  Hopefully these will be corrected when they release Michelangelo and Raphael.

The playability on this figure is somewhat disappointing because I will use great caution when I change his pose and hope it will stay and not break.  I will try to glue the holster back onto the belt.

Other than the QC issues this is a great looking figure and the accessories help make up for the negatives.  Donatello has many different ways to customize his look.  He can be a ninja or a ray gun toting mutant hero in space.  You can even recreate scenes from the comics which is always fun to do.  I am still glad I purchased this figure and look forward to completing the set, as always have fun with this figure, just be careful when moving him around.

Similar to Leonardo Donatello is retailing for $150.00 at online retailers as Mondo has sold out of this figure.



Special thanks to Speculative Fiction ( for the speedy service.





Mezco’s One:12 Collective Punisher figure review

Posted on: March 26, 2017

Mezco’s One:12 Collective line is the future of Action Figure collecting and they are not slowing down.  These figures sport a minimum of 30 points of articulation, detail in their sculpting that could rival HOT TOYS.  Real clothing and hyper attention to details to their accessories.  These are the figures that collectors have always dreamed of and now we have them.  Six inch figures with this much fun attached to them without breaking the bank.  Now that they have included licenses from Marvel, DC, 2000AD and Universal Monsters One:12 just keeps on getting better.


Frank Castle also known as the Punisher is One:12″s latest greatest figure in their line of Marvel Characters.  You should take note that there are 3 different versions of this figure.  The regular release which is based on his early comic book appearance.  The second was a Diamond previews release which includes his white skull emblem and the final is the 2017 Toy Fair figure, which is an all black Punisher with some more accessories.  (The one we will be reviewing is the Toy Fair figure.



The box is a regular One:12 Collective sturdy box that features The Punisher Skull logo.  The box is also resealable and Mezco was smart enough not to tape the top of the box.





Inside the box is a tray which secures the figure and all of his accessories, again no tape involved.

The figure comes with 2 interchangeable heads, 4 pairs of different hands, grenade launcher with grenades, knife, machine guns and a Glock hand gun with a bullet firing.



Outside the box you can see the incredible detail and care that is put into his outfit.  His real clothing fits perfectly, not too tight if you wanted to roll up his sleeves and not too loose if you want to get him into any cool poses.  The Punisher can also be displayed on his stand using a peg in his foot or a translucent arm that attaches to the stand.  Punisher stands at 6 1/2″ tall.

The figure has articulation in the head which can rotate fully.  Full rotation on shoulders, articulation on the elbows and wrists.  The twisting waist helps get him into some cool poses.  Articulation on the thighs, knees and boots.


IMG_2481IMG_2503IMG_2432 In all three versions of this figure includes 3 different interchangeable heads.  (Click on each picture for a larger portrait.)  The detail on these heads are incredible, the sculpter and painter have done an amazing job with the details on each of these heads.  The cuts and bruises look fresh over the flesh tone face. The cuts are sculpted into the head while the painter shines with the black eye on the “beaten up” head.  I’m surprised that the band aid is made from real cotton.  The slick back hair is a special touch where you can see almost every strand on his head.


I love the attention to detail they give to Frank’s Belt and chest symbol.  Unfortunately for the Toy fair version its all in black so it will  not be so obvious unlike the other two versions which is painted in white and really stands out.  The knife accessory fits in perfectly in his scabbard and the detail on his pouches and boots really adds to the figure’s realism.



Once again Mezco has proven that with these figures you can have all the fun you want.  30 points of articulation and interchangeable hands make the playability on this figure superb.  You can have him go up against any villain or hero your imagination wishes.  You really get a full range of movement to get him into some really cool poses.



The standard One:12 male body that features interchangeable hands slides onto the arm with a peg going into the hand.  Now it was easy to change out the hands but always use caution, the peg could snap off if forced.


IMG_2456 IMG_2468 IMG_2425

Again the attention to the detail on his artillery is amazing.  Each gun comes with its own magazine that you can place into his weapons but my favorite is the tail explosion as the bullet is fired from his gun.  Its amazing how you can just freeze a moment with that accessory.


Mezco One:12 is proving to the action figure collecting world that this is the future of action figures. The care and thought that they instill into every figure elevates these figures into works of art. I have to confess, I am not a big fan of the Punisher but I enjoy having this figure on my toy shelf. As for cost one could argue that you could go and get a highly detailed import but you would be shelling out hundreds of dollars per figure. The Punisher figure retails for $80.00 at Mezco’s online store which I believe is reasonable for this type of figure.

This is a fantastic figure and if you are a Punisher fan or a fan of fine comic art, I Highly Recommend this figure.


Thank you to the fine people at Mezco Toys for this figure.



Skybound Invincible Figure from Mcfarlane Toys

Posted on: March 20, 2017

Skybound Entertainment and Mcfarlane Toys are proud to present the Invincible Action figure currently on sale at the Skybound Store.


Invincible is the Skybound/Image Comics super hero character created by Robert Kirkman (Walking Dead) and Cory Walker (Shadowpact).  The story of Invincible is the story of Mark Grayson who as a teenager gains incredible super powers and finds out that is half alien.  He developes his powers and throughout the series becomes a hero in his own right.  Think of it as early Spider-man while having some fun with the super hero comics genre.  The series is one of my favorites and I highly suggest reading it if you get the opportunity, you will not be disappointed.

I have been waiting for an Invincible figure since the series began but I’m thinking they created this figure because the Invincible comic is coming to an end.  (Invincible is currently on their last story arc)  The figure is from Mcfarlane toys who also produces the Walking Dead figures.


IMG_2507 IMG_2527

The figure is in a resealable window card with scenes from the comic book.





The figure also has a “Bloody” variant which is the same figure but with a different paint scheme.


The articulation on this 5″ figure has full rotation on his head and includes tilting up and down to get him to look up if you get him in a flying pose.  The shoulders rotate, elbows bend and full rotating wrists.  The legs bend front to back and there is articulation in the knees and feet.  There is no articulation on the waist.   The joints are very, very tight (at least on my figure) so you may need to work them a little.



The sculpting is good on this figure, not much detail but it captures the look of Invincible.

Again the figure is very tight and hard to put in certain poses and you will need to get a stand of some kind because it is difficult to have the figure stand on its own.





The paint application is fine with little smudges on his abdomen and wrists.  The rest of the paint is smooth and translates perfectly from the comic.

Not much playability with this figure but when you do pose him, it does not disrupt the paint.


IMG_2626 IMG_2636

The flying pose with the interchangeable hands will be an easy pose to get the figure in if you have a way to suspend him in the air.  Changing the hands is very easy but just be careful when changing because of the tightness you may have to work on the hands to loosen them up.



It is unfortunate that the comic series is coming to an end not only because it is a fantastic series but I would’ve also liked to have seen more figures from the series, even at this scale.

Finally Invincible fans have an action figure of their favorite protagonist but they should keep him carded and hung on the wall as a tribute to a great comic series.


Both the regular and variant figure are retailing for $25.00 at the Skybound Store 





MONDO Leonardo Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Posted on: January 11, 2017


Now shipping from MONDO and other toy outlets, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Leonardo 1:6 Action figure.  This is the figure that is based on the comic version from Eastman and Laird and reflects on the cartoon version as well.  There are two versions of this figure, the MONDO Exclusive (which includes a piece of Shredder’s Armor) and a regular version which we featured here.



The figure comes in a box which contains beautiful artwork by artist Joe Allred.  The front cover showcases the Turtles’ leader Leonardo in his cartoon version.  The back of the box shows the Eastman and Laird version of all four Turtles sporting their red bandannas.


As soon as you open the front flap you see the figure and accessories.

On the opposite side is a schematic by Joe Allred.




The figure stands at about 10 inches tall.  This is a big figure with a incredible sculpt.

The feet are the right size to hold the weight in a variety of poses (More on that later)

The sculpt really captures the early comic look which is complimented by the great paint and shadowing on the figure.



The belt and pads on the figure are a very hard rubber but pliable enough to look real.




You have the choice to change between the RED Comic version head or the BLUE cartoon version head.  Which is fully poseable but unfortunately both heads are very, very tight when they attach to the body so if you are posing the head I recommend attaching it to the figure in the position you would like and not rotate it.





The articulation is well done have articulated wrists, elbows, shoulders, knees, thighs and rockers on the ankles.


The joints are tight enough to hold any pose while all the weapons fit perfectly into his hands.


IMG_1478IMG_1467 4


Leonardo comes with a variety of different accessories


(2) Claw climbing hands and (1) pointer hand that is exclusive to Leonardo

IMG_1464Grabbling Hook


The figure comes with a ULTRON laser gun not shown in this review.

The figure also comes with two unique accessories:


IMG_1384 Young Master Splinter


Splinter is non articulated but the sculpt and color are so accurate you would think he fell out of the comic page.

IMG_1370 IMG_1381


Pre-mutate young Leonardo (Non-Articulated)

Concept art bonus (Not included)


This is amazing figure and I highly recommend this figure for any Ninja Turtle fan.

This is a poseable statue that does justice to the original Eastman and Laird comic.

I love the bonus accessories which is nice different treat for the fans.

The only problem I had with this figure was the head on the body being so tight but that is the only problem.

The figure retails for $150.00 but it is worth every hard earn cent and I look forward to getting the rest of the Turtles.

The figure is available now at on-line retailers.



Thanks for reading and enjoy.





Mezco’s One: 12 – Judge Dredd Collector’s Figure review

Posted on: November 19, 2015

From Mezco’s One: 12 Collection comes the Fully articulated figure of Mega City-One’s toughest Law man Judge Dredd.  Based on his original black and white comic book appearance from 2000AD and not the original colorful release.   Mezco enlisted Rebellion and comic book artist Ben Willsher to design the most accurate figure possible based on the characters current look the One:12 Collective has crafted a finely detailed figure.

(*Note this is the NYCC ’15 exclusive figure, so like Clerks 2 we’re going to do a little color adjustment.)


IMG_4382 IMG_4396


The box features the badge of Dredd on the front and some cool looking artwork of the Lawman himself.  Another excellent feature on this box is that the figure can be repackaged but it is tricky to do that with all the plastic that separates certain pieces.  The artwork is very nice and can be displayed separately if you would like.

IMG_4409 IMG_4416

As you can see right out of the package he comes with 11 accessories which we will discuss later but the packaging is reusable you just need to be careful with the plastic pieces that protects the figure.


Right out the box this figure looks amazing, highly detailed as if he walked right off the comic page.  He also comes with a stand showcasing his badge.  The stand can be used as a peg which can fit in the holes of his heels or you can use a clear arm stand for more intense posing.



IMG_4426 IMG_4429 IMG_4430 IMG_4432



IMG_4532IMG_4531IMG_4508 IMG_4536



The articulation is incredible, the head has full rotation as well as back and forth.  The arms get full rotation at the shoulders articulation at both the elbows and wrists.  There is also articulation at the thighs, knees and ankles.  The torso also rotates right and left to get the best poses.

One thing about posing him, because of his skin tight spandex uniform you should be careful and try not to push the elasticity for fear it may rip.  However we did have him in some extreme poses and the “Real leather-like fabric” did not rip; just use caution.







Speaking of poses, this figure utilizes magnets to hold his shoulder pads and badge in place to his body in case you ever wanted to pose him with some sort of battle damage.  The magnets make customization easy and trouble free.




Judge Dredd has outstanding detail including which separates these high quality figures from standard figures.


The fabric representing his spandex uniform is made from a real life leather like fabric that covers the figure.  His zipper is made from a real metal which is used as an actual zipper for customizing.  Use caution when zipping up and down his uniform.


The paint is a two-tone shade of grey and black with a nice black wash on his armor accessories.  The little details are huge with this figure.  Dredd’s face sports his usual grimace with some scaring.  His helmet sports a reflective glaze for that realistic look.

Both his boots sport pockets for his Lawgiver (Gun) and knife.


IMG_4507 IMG_4511 IMG_4509

His belt is made out of a soft rubber with pouches and holders.

As always use caution when filling these pouches and holes as the rubber is very pliable.


Let’s talk about accessories:

IMG_4492IMG_4456 IMG_4455 IMG_4454


Judge Dredd comes with 7 interchangeable hands, a day stick, knife, Lawgiver, magazine cartridge, hinged handcuffs and two bombs.  Here is one of the reasons why this figure is so cool, the hinged handcuffs have so much detail, I’m surprised that they don’t lock.  The beauty of the hands are the details you see on them from the knuckles to the finger tips.  This is a powerful figure.

The hands are simple to change and rely on a outer peg system.


Most of the hands are just for show and you will have a difficult time holding anything in his left hand.



As I mentioned before you can stand Dredd on the base with a peg or an actual clear plastic stand.

The stand wraps around his waist nicely and holds him perfectly for any type of pose you would like the Judge in.




This is a fantastic figure but playability in my opinion would be tough because of the tight fabric.  Have you ever wanted a highly detailed statue that you could move and change poses.  This is what you will get with this collectible.  You can change his pose everyday but I would handle him with care.  Make no mistake though, this figure is not fragile but use a little caution with his fabric.


IMG_4556 IMG_4558IMG_4460IMG_4463IMG_4464IMG_4528

I can’t stress this enough what an amazing figure this is especially if you are Judge Dredd fan.  The detail along with the real life accouterments has raise the standard of what collectible figures should be.  I would definitely recommend this figure to anyone who enjoys Judge Dredd or is an avid action figure adult collector that would appreciate the finer figures in life.  After enjoying this figure, I may purchase the Batman figure from Mezco’s One:12 Line.

Don’t forget Judge Dread’s Lawmaster is available for pre-order from the Mezco store.  (Yes, there will be a black and white version to go with your Con Exclusive Dredd.)

IMG_4444 IMG_4447 IMG_4447 (1)“ahh, back to color”


T. Romero