“The Hess truck’s back & it’s better than ever…”

When I was a little boy every Christmas Eve at our Grandparent’s we’d a get a Hess truck.  While I don’t still have these today, Hess is still making new trucks for collectors each Christmas, & this year is no exception.  Named after Leon Hess, a fellow New Jersey native, Leon Hess started delivering fuel oil to homes in 1933. Twenty-seven years later Hess is a leader in the fuel industry. Leon Hess had the idea of a toy for Christmas. It had to be well built, come with batteries (which it still does to this day), & priced at something people could afford.

The first Hess truck was released in 1964, thirty-one years after Leon Hess started his small company. It was a replica tanker trailer, based off the company’s first B61 Mack truck & sold for $4.69. It also had working head & tail lights, controlled with a switch, & a tank that could be filled with a rubber hose.

Up until the 1980’s, Hess trucks were sold through Hess stations.  Today collectors can find them on line at  https://hesstoytruck.com/.  This year celebrates the 51st Hess truck.

The 2015 Hess truck:


“2015 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue

The 2015 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue is the newest and boldest emergency vehicle in the Hess fleet. A classic-red duo with authentic sounds, brilliant LED lights, and finely detailed moveable equipment, it’s ready to respond to any rescue action!

The Fire Truck is a heavy-duty flatbed with rugged, all-terrain tires designed to carry the Ladder Rescue to any hard-to-reach location. This versatile, chrome detailed Fire Truck is equipped with 2 swiveling fire hose nozzles flanking a high-powered, 360º pivoting LED searchlight, 3 button-activated sound effects (ignition, horn, and emergency siren), and 50 vibrant LED emergency and running lights that work in flash or steady mode. With a hidden slide-out ramp that boasts realistic motion-activated hydraulic sounds, the flatbed is sure to get its rescue partner into quick action.

The nimble Ladder Rescue is powered by a speedy, push-activated friction motor that works in both forward and reverse. And no emergency is too tall a task thanks to its towering 4-tier, telescoping extension ladder with 360º rotation.

The 2015 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue retails for $30.99 plus tax, and includes a total of 5 Energizer® batteries.


Fire Truck:

  • 3 button-activated sound effects (ignition, horn, emergency siren)
  • Pull out ramp with hydraulic sound effect
  • 50 LED lights plus a pivoting searchlight that work in flash or steady modes
  • 2 moveable fire hose nozzles
  • 3 Energizer ‘AA’ Batteries included

Ladder Rescue:

  • 21 Lights
  • 4 Tier, 360º rotating extension ladder with fire hose nozzle
  • Friction motor drive
  • 2 Energizer ‘AAA’ Batteries included”





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