ThreeZero TMNT with Kevin Eastman

In the latest issue of Clutter Magazine, ThreeZero has created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Figures. These 1/6 scale figures were designed by TMNT creator Kevin Eastman and will be produced by ThreeZero.  The magazine features a first look at the fully painted and articulated figures.

They also interview both Kevin Eastman and ThreeZero’s Kim Fung Wong about the creation of these newly designed Turtles. In the article, they talk about the future of this line as well. Kevin Eastman mentions he’d specifically like to do a newly designed Casey Jones next, and Kim Fung Wong mentions that they would like to create an entire line well beyond the initial four TMNT figures.

As you can see these figures are from one of the creators of the Turtles but in a different style.  Personally I think these should’ve been the new movie turtles instead of what Michael Bay has created.



You can read the interview at Clutter.

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