As some of you may know, Club Eternia fell to only 90% of the subscriptions needed to get the 2015 line.  The subscription service is only extended for this weekend. Matty needs 10% more subscribers to get the 2015 line going and to finish the Masters of the Universe Classics collection. Log onto today and get your 2015 Club Eternia subscription.   Let’s help each other finish The greatest action figure line of them all and send He-man away in style, not like his disappearance in the 80s. Its time to forgive Digital River and realize that Scott “Toy Guru” Neitlich has done the best he could with this line. Just one more year and than 2016 is up to you.   Here is some figures you’ll get in 2015 IMG_2907 IMG_2905 IMG_2902 IMG_2904 IMG_2903   Did you ever think we would get a Lizard man!!   Log onto Matty Collector today and help us finish off the most powerful towline in the universe.   To all the fans, from fan to another I just want to say thank you in giving He-man another chance at greatness. Thank you to the 4 Horsemen for going above and beyond to this wonderful toyline. Scott Niedlich for giving every 80s kid a chance to finish our favorite childhood collection. Today is the last day, subscribe NOW!

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