To fill the hole that Club Infinite Earths has left, Mattel has released DC total Heroes, a 6 inch line of figures that are aimed towards younger children.  Available at specialty shops and retail along with a quarterly offering from

The Packaging is a basic card and bubble.  The back of the card gives basic information about the character and shows other figures in the Total Heroes Line.


This Superman figure is based on his New 52 design.  The figure stands a little over 6 inches tall.  The paint on the figure is good using just the straight colors and no shadowing. His cape is made out of cloth and the cut is really fine so you can pose the cape in many ways but you’ll have to clip in on something to hold the form.  If you want to use a fan to get that wind effect this is the perfect cape to do so.

The sculpt is very blocky almost like a Young Justice League figure only taller.

 The figure has about 14 points of articulation.  Head, shoulders,elbows,hands, waist,legs,knees and feet.  You could probably get him into some decent posing but the block style of his arms can sometimes hinder movement.  Have I mentioned that the cape if my favorite part of this figure?  As a difference to the hard/soft plastic this is a nice change.



The playability is great for kids even with the articulation limits.  He does not come with any accessories but you should warn them when playing with the cape that it could easily come off.


This is Mattel’s answer to ending Club Infinite Earths so if the line does well it will be interesting to see what other DC Characters they would have in store.  This line was also suppose to appeal to adults as well as children, unfortunately as an adult collector this figure does not appeal to me.  However this line is perfect for children, with a $10.00 per figure retail price and at the height and articulation you get a lot for what you’re paying.

The shared buck plan that they are using for this line is ideal and I applaud Mattel for bringing back 6 inch figures for kids at a great price.

If you have a child I would recommend this line to him and maybe get him or her into reading comics.  As an Adult collector I’ll just wait and see if Mattel comes up with another way of bringing my favorite DC Characters from page to plastic.

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