Toylines episode 47

Hi Toyfans, here is everything we discussed on the this week’s Toylines podcast



MOTU Revelations


BBTS Exclusive Origins Palace Guard

Super 7 Silver Hawks

Joe Re-actions or Ultimates?


Mcfarlane Avatar The Last Airbender Hal Jordan and Batman 35

Gold Label Suit of Sorrow Azrael

White Knight Cycle

Batman ’66

Glow in the Dark Ghostbusters Plasma series

Boss Fight Bluto

Jada Universal Monsters


Power Ranger Fan First Friday Pink Power Ranger Kat

Actin Figure Adventure is Now on Amazon Prime


Premium Bumblebee movie figures

Mobius figure from Loki


Star Wars Reveals

Robo Force

Shattered Glass Soundwave

Rob Zombie to Direct the Munsters



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