Toylines Podcast Episode 37


Super 7’s Disney ultimates is scheduled to ship in the Summer

Thundercats from Super 7 Wave one is up for order at the Super 7 store

Super 7’s release schedule for Transformers ultimates


 DC Digital will have the continuing Adventures of Batman 89 and Superman 78 based on the hit movies.





Tim Burton’s tv Directorial debut

Infinity Train Book 4 has been approved by HBO Max

The Trailer can now be seen on Youtube

Redeemer and Gunslinger from McFarlane Toys

 Todd McFarlane has announced a Spawn Universe

McFarlane Toys will be doing Disney characters based on a phone game.


Origins Faker is up for preorder

Mezco Toyz Fair Reveals

Ducktales reboot finale will be in March


Marvel Legends Villains wave with Walgreen exclusives Quasar and Cosmic Cap, IA Ironman and Nova

Neca Toys Back to the Future II Doc Brown, Disguised Ninja Turtles and Universal Monsters

Hasbro and Boom Studios Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Power Rangers figures

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