Update from Matty Regarding Lateness on Club Eternia UPDATED 12/22/12*

Its seems that the delays are not as bad as originally anticipated as many of the Granamyr and Procrustus figures have shipped.  Many fans have received them just in time for Christmas.
The  Delays continue at Matty Collector.  Here is their e-mail regarding the Granamyr and Procrustus delays:

Dear Club Eternia® Subscriber,We wanted to let you know we’ve just heard our shipment of Procrustus™ figures has been delayed. We’ll receive him in waves and will ship out subscription orders as supplies are received. If you have multiple subscriptions that are combined, your orders will be held until Procrustus™ arrives. We’re hopeful the delay won’t be too long, but plan on an approximate 1 to 3 week delay just to be safe.Although he’s not a subscription item, we also wanted you to know that Granamyr™ is delayed as well. If you order him during our regular sale on Monday, December 17th at MattyCollector.com, any additional products you order at the same time will be held until Granamyr™ arrives. Please order Granamyr separately if you don’t want your order held.

We appreciate your patience and thank you for being a MattyCollector.com customer.

MattyCollector.com Customer Service

 Granamyr goes on sale on Matty Collector on December 17th.

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