Why another website!? My first Blog here

Well since according to Google no one is reading this website, I’ll post my first blog unedited.  Shouting the website’s name…


WHY!? Why another website devoted to toys?

My answer, “WHY NOT!”  It seems everyone with an affinity towards their particular hobby has some sort of website.  Some keep it updated while others let life intervene and they forget about it.  Some get lucky and they get followers that maybe they appreciate.  While they bask in the glory of doing something they enjoy and get special perks.  The rest of us are left with hoping that our idea will get made and then if it does we have to battle with other fans to get it or pay ridiculous high prices to get one.  (I’ll touch on this later.)

I have been collecting toys since as far back as I can remember.  I have my favorites and like everybody I have opinions on certain aspects of the industry and products.  This is my voice, my personal sounding board and hopefully I can get an audience together.  An audience where I can share my sounding board and they can be heard; whether they agree with me or not.

As for the perks, if I am fortunate enough to get any, I can promise you this, I will gladly share them.  If you want to contribute, let us know.  The worst we can say is “No” and if we say no, I’ll do my best to help you find a yes.

I know you all have your favorite sites that you visit often and that’s great, all I ask is that you give us a try and maybe someday we can strike a conversation about our favorite toys and/or cartoons.

Thanks for Looking,


Oh and don’t forget my partner in crime, Mr. Nostalgia who will delight you with his anecdotes on basically anything that you enjoyed yesterday and today.

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