Super 7 Pit Fighter CONAN figure review

Super 7 has started shipping Pit Fighter Conan.  This version of Conan is from the Conan the Barbarian motion picture.

Super 7 is using an outer cover with a leather like texture giving even the box a classy stylized look.

On the back of the box we see one of Conan’s weapons.

Slipping off the cover we get this incredible window box showcasing the figure and all of his accessories.

On the back of the box we have bio for PIT FIGHTER CONAN

We also get this background that is pretty cool and an extra option to display your figure.

The figure stands at about 7 inches tall and has articulation at the head and shoulders.  Articulation at biceps and elbows and wrists.  You can twist the waist but at first its a little tight because of his outfit.  There is also an ab crunch but because of his clothing you really can’t use that articulation.  Articulation continues at the thighs, standard joints at the knees and you have rockers at the ankles.

The joints on this figure were really tight so you may need to work them a bit just to get the right pose that you would like.

Even though Super 7 had to create a new buck for the MOTU Classics line, this figure is utilizing the same buck.

The colors are very nice and clean to accentuate the detail that is on this figure.  The plastic however is a bit shiny, especially on this figure.  When I was taking pictures for this review I had to use a filter just so I could get the pictures that I needed.

You can notice that there is a lot going on with both of his headband the straps that are part of the helmet.  The straps are made of a very soft plastic which does not hinder the head articulation too much.  He is not going to be able to look straight up but you should freely move his head side to side and down without any problem.

Similar to the MOTU Classics figures, the head is swappable as it is on a ball joint and the necklace is a separate piece.

I did have some fun and tried some different MOTU Classic heads just to see what kind of looks I can get out of this figure.

CAUTION: When I was swapping heads the heads did go on but they were so tight that I had trouble removing the heads from the ball joint.  So please be very careful if you are going to try this with your figure.  I really don’t recommend it but you have been warned.

This is a great head sculpt by the Four Horsemen design team but it really is more of a unique face sculpt.  There looks to be some browning in the plastic to try to give him a tan look but the shine on the plastic really takes away from it.

Conan comes with his famous sword, a broken short sword, two gauntlets and two pit fighter blades.

The accessories are constructed in a sold hard plastic and does not have any give.

Here is Conan with his additional head in a open mouth “surprised” look holding pit fighter blades.  The second head fit nice and tight onto the ball joint and is easy to swap with the other head.

For the most part he can hold onto his weapons but not really tight.  It took me a little bit to get the weapons right where I wanted them in his hands.


The gauntlets fit perfectly onto his hands and wrist.  The gold color is beautiful and has a black wash on it to give that used looked feel.

The carefully placed details on this figure including the symbols on this broken short sword really make this a great figure to own.

The background really enhances the possibility to this figure and you can create some great portraits.

You have the same beautiful sculpted details on his Broad Sword which fits nicely in both of his hands.

The details, the background all of the accessories makes this a great Conan figure and will compliment any barbarian action figure collection.  Aside from the shiny plastic they used on the heads, Super 7 has given us a great movie Conan figure.  The posing is great and you can get some really good poses from this figure.

If you enjoyed any of the Conan movies you will be very happy with this figure.

This figure was made to order from Super 7 but you can probably track it down on the secondary market.



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