Club Grayskull Shadow Weaver review

Originally Shadow Weaver was an exclusive figure only available if you had a subscription to the Masters of the Universe Classics line.  Now here is your second chance to complete your Classics Evil Horde group.

Shadow Weaver only appeared in the She-Ra and the Princess of Power animated series so if feels right that she is part of the Club Grayskull line.

Shadow Weaver comes in the Club Grayskull window box that showcases the figure once the outer cover is removed.  The back of the box shows Shadow Weaver in animated form with her bio.


As you can see in the first picture Shadow Weaver includes a plastic stand that creates the illusion of her floating.

This figure is closer to her animated version as compared to her classics version.  Her green hands is a fantastic change as I feel it is more witch like.  The sculpt is nice and the articulation is limited.   Her head shoulders, hands and elbows move nicely for some interesting poses.  Her waist and plastic cape also move.

The paint is nice and clean as the flat red coloring mimics her likeness from the animated series.

Shadow Weaver comes with three accessories: two wands and a green energy bolt that was suppose to come from her finger but there is no hole to plug the bolt into.   She can hood both wands securely and if you work at it you can probably wedge it in between her fingers but I feel it is more powerful without it.

I do like the wing flaps to get some great magic posing or wind blowing poses.

The hands really compliment the figure overall but I can’t help but wishing that her hands were interchangeable with other different poses.

This is a great figure and I am glad that if you could not get the  classics version the first time around, now you have your own Weaver.

Shadow Weaver was made to order from Super 7 and is sold out but you can get her on the secondary market.

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