Loot crate Neca Spirit of Splinter Review

The recent partnership between Loot Crate and the National Entertainment Collectors Association (NECA) has created a new outlet for the toy company’s licensed products, including their amazing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures based on the 1990 live action movie.  One of their first “Crates” was a Ninja Turtles inspired one that included The Spirit of Splinter exclusive  figure from the “camping scene”.


Splinter comes in a window box that is reminiscent of the VHS box that the movie was released in when it came to home video.

The figure uses the same tooling as the regular figure but its the paint that really makes this figure pop.  The articulation is the same the head rotates at the neck, shoulders, elbows are articulated.  Waist is limited but thighs, knees and ankles have full articulation.  You can even move the tail but you should be really gentle with it.

The paint job is a clean blue with a brown wash to really highlight Splinter’s natural form.  Unlike other “Spirit of..” figures this one is not just translucent plastic. The thought and care that went into this figure really takes you back into that scene with your other Turtle figures.

The blue shimmering robe reminds me of the vintage She-ra cape from the 80s.  The material is nice, does not hinder the articulation and adds to the overall decor of the figure.

Splinter includes three accessories, a light up blue flame, a bag of marshmallows and a branch of roasting marshmallows.

The blue flame is battery operated and the dry brushing really comes alive when lit.  Splinter fits nicely behind the flame and has no problem standing on his own.


When posed with your Turtle figures, you really believe that Splinter’s spirit walked out of your tv.

Now that most conventions will not be operating this year, it is nice that collectors can get exclusive figures that may not be of interest to the average consumer.  Spirit of Splinter is an amazing figure that will complete your movie Turtles collection and create a memorable scene from the movie.

Spirit of Splinter was only available during the Loot Crate time period so he is only available now on the secondary market.  Two more Ninja Turtle inspired crates are on the way so be sure to look for them soon.

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