Mezco’s One:12 Ghostbusters review Ray Stantz

“Who ya gonna call” for the ultimate Ghostbusters action figures, why Mezco One:12 of course.  Mezco has created a box set of the Paranormal eliminators and raised the bar.

These figures are based on the 1984 hit movie and their likeness’ are amazing.  Mezco has done such a great job that we are going to review these figures individually.

We are going to start off with the heart of the Ghostbusters, Ray Stantz.


The figures come in a tin with the cover showing the Ghostbusters’ symbol with the One:12 logo.  The tin is appropriate for the amount of figures and accessories that comes  in the set.


Ray has the standard One:12 treatment, real clothing with a great amount of detail on the figure.  The figure is fully articulated with the head on a ball joint to give the head full rotation.

The articulation continues with the shoulders, elbows and wrists with swappable hands. Ray has full rotation at his hips, thighs, knees and ankles.


The clothes are perfect fit on the figure and not too baggy.  The details are amazing with a working zipper on the jumpsuit, elbow pads and patches.

Removable walkie talkie

The figure comes with two swappable heads, one portrait and one reaction head.  The likeness of Dan Ackroyd is great but looks a little off.

Along with the heads, the figure also comes with 6 interchangeable hands.

The Proton back is fully detailed and lights up with power.  The wand also lights up at the tip.  (Behind the proton pack is a section where you have to place batteries to activate the features.)

Placing the proton back on the figure takes a little bit of excessive arm movement but be careful not to bend the arm too much.


All accessories including the PKE meter can be shared among all the figures.

Goggles are also include and look great on Ray.

Every figure comes with a logo stand to get any type of pose you want.


Ghost trap is also highly detailed complete with foot peddle


Each figure also includes a stream which is a cool effect but the light at the tip of the wand is not strong enough to illuminate the whole stream.  Without the assistance of the light, its still a cool effect.


The Ray figure is incredible and Dan Ackroyd himself should be proud of what Mezco has accomplished.  The articulation allows you to get some great poses out of your figure.  The head options are great along with all the accessories.

The playability is also alot of fun whether playing with the figure by itself or as a team, this is the perfect Ghostbuster figure.

As with all Mezco toys, this set is worth every cent and has been sold out at Mezco but you can still get this set from other online retailers or e-bay.


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