NECA TMNT Casey Jones and Raphael in disguise review

This is the Toylines review of the Neca TMNT 1990 movie Casey Jones and Raphael in disguise.

I just wanted to point out before we start that I had to purchase this set directly from the Neca store.  Granted, it took some time to get it compared to purchasing it on E-bay or from scalper but this box set was definitely worth the wait.  I know it has been difficult trying to find these figures at Target but if you get the opportunity to buy direct from the manufacturer, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!

It’s the only way we can start to get rid of bots and scalpers and Neca heard the community and has taken action to get these figures into hands of the collectors.


The figures come in a standard window box on a tray that holds both figures and their accessories.  The box shows scenes from the movie using the figures.  Profiles of both figures are shown on the sides of the box.  The Four Turtles themselves are also on the box with the Neca symbol in the FHE colors that pay homage to the VHS copies from the Family Home Entertainment logo.

These figures are based on the 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Live action movie.



Casey Jones based on likeness of actor Elias Koteas stands about 7″ tall and is articulated in the following areas:  The head has full rotation, his hair interferes a little when looking up but he can look down normally and can rotate left to right with out any problems.  Ball joints at the shoulders with full uninterrupted movement.  The arms can rotate around at the shoulders.  You can pull back and forth at the arms.  You can rotate the forearms at the elbows and you can hide the elbow joints.  If you are posing the arms, you can’t really notice.  The range of motion from these joints are excellent and you can really get some great poses out of them.  Hinges on all of the hands included with the figure.  you can get some really good shots and poses with the articulation.  Casey has joints on his torso but the t-shirt and jacket prevent any real “ab crunch”motion but he does twist after a little work at it.  Articulation at the thighs front to back, left to right and you can twist the legs at the thighs.  Single, rotating joints at the knees which can swing the leg to the back.  Rocker hinges are on both ankles but use caution when moving them.  Most of the joints on my figure were really tight and it took a little bit of work to get them fully functional but don’t over do it or they may snap.  His clothing is very rubbery and maneuverable so you shouldn’t have any problem getting him into some great poses.  The figure has no problem standing on his own depending on what type of poses you get him into.  The weight is balanced nicely even when he is holding weapons.

I love the details on these figures, if you look closely you can see that the eyes rival those of Hot Toys.  The eyes are amazing on this figure.

Keep in mind that there is a way to remove the mask and see Casey’s face, however I did not try this because I did not want to ruin the figure.  I also don’t know how to properly place the mask back on the figure, so I did not want to take the chance.

    Here is what he look like without the mask on.  *(Picture from Shark News and ToyBro)

The colors on this figure are very nice and enhances the details  including a wash on the vest to enhance the wrinkles as well as the dirt on the untucked shirt for more of that used battle action look.

There are veins on the arms but they just look like lines in the plastic to me, maybe if they used some slight shadowing or a more pronounced line, but the arms still look great.

Casey includes a variety of accessories from the movie.  He includes: A crumpet bat, hockey stick, Goalie stick, (2) baseball bats (one being a Jose Canseco bat), golf club, golf bag and (6) interchangeable hands.

The interchangeable hands are really tight and can hold almost anything you want him to grab.  He holds all of the weapons very well without any “slouching”.  The golf bag fits nicely on his back and it is not difficult at all to place on the figure.

 “Wayne Gretzky on steroids.”

I am a sucker for details, look at the worn wood on both of his hockey sticks.  I don’t feel that these figures are overpriced with details like these.  It shows that Neca really cares for their customers and believes in their products.



Casey Jones really is a great figure to add to your movie Turtles collection.  You can recreate some great scenes using this figure with your other TMNT movie figures.

I have heard that because Judith Hoag (April O’Neil) has signed her likeness rights to create an April figure, Elias Koteas was convinced to sign his rights.  There may be a maskless Casey Jones figure on the way some time in the future.





At first I thought ok this is just a Raphael figure with a trench coat on, no big deal.  I have to admit though, I had more fun with this figure than I did with Casey.

The coat is pretty cool in that you can make some interesting solo adventures for the Turtles’ resident hot head.

Again the detail is what sets these figures apart from other collections.  I especially love the details that were put into the backpack.

Articulation is little difficult with the coat interfering on some of the movement.

You get full rotation on the head.  Shoulders go up and down but be careful not to over extend or rotate, again the coat does get in the way.  The elbows don’t have a problem bending. Wrist hinges on all hands.  Thighs rotate with legs that kick forward and rotate. Double joints on the knees but the knee pad kind of interferes with getting that full extension.  Rocker joints at the ankles so you can get him into some good poses.



Raphael comes with a hat that he wears in the movie.  There is a hole on the back of the hat to place his bandana but its really tricky to place and may be time consuming.

The hat is not very form fitting so, it may become problematic to keep it on his head without the bandana piece to secure to his head.

Raphael’s accessories include: 2 sai. (4) interchangeable hands, (2) bandana ends, hat and a slice of pizza.  (Just a nitpick, nothing that takes away from the overall figure) Instead of a pizza slice, I would’ve like to have seen him with a newspaper.


The soft goods coat really enhances this figure.  It does make Raph look bulky but he was bulky looking in the movie as well.  The coat is removable but I dare not only because I don’t want to risk it not going back on and then I would just have 2 Raphaels.

The coat looks good and there are some pieces of thread that need to be cut to get a perfect look but the whole ensemble looks great with the hat.


This is a really cool figure, you can have some solo adventures with Raph in disguise.

Overall this is a great set and I can’t wait to see what other figures NECA will create for this series.

“I have the best figure, Raphael WINS 2, nothing!”

If you can get this box set, I would highly recommend it.  As I stated before, I got this set direct to consumer from Neca which are no longer available (as of now) but they have been hitting Target stores and you could always check #Collectorshelpingcollectors or #CHC on Twitter.




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