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Since Hasbro purchased the Power Rangers’ franchise they have been producing top quality figures.  Their random selection of figures to keep interest alive is a good strategy.

Zeo Rangers were the next incarnation of Rangers when they had to change from Mighty Morphin.  Their assisting Ranger was Zeo Ranger Gold.  On the live action tv show, Trey of Triforia was originally the Gold Ranger but had his powers transferred to former Red Ranger Jason.

Gold Ranger Jason was a 2019 SDCC exclusive and now the main retail Gold Ranger is the Trey of Triforia version.


The figure comes in the standard Lightning Collection window box showcasing the figure artwork of the figure’s helmet.  Shown through the window is the Gold Ranger, his staff, two extra fists and a Trey head.

As opposed to the SDCC release this Gold Ranger has a nice black wash on the Golden collar.  The paint is clean and even (no breakage) on moveable parts.

The articulation is standard for the Lightning figures:  Full rotation at the head, butterfly movement at the arms.  The collar does not hinder movement too much.  Movement at the shoulders, double joints at the elbows, rotating forearms and full rotation at the wrists.  There is movement at the waist and ab crunch on the stomach.  The top of the chest also is articulated.  Rotation at the thighs and the legs move forwards, backwards and to the sides.  Double jointed knees, boot rotation and ankle rockers.  The boots move forwards and backwards.  The joints on this figure were really tight as opposed to other Ranger figures I own, so you may have to carefully work on them initially to get them to full posability.

Zeo Ranger Gold includes his power staff and a gold lightning effect piece.

I have heard some fans accuse this figure of not being accurate because the staff is missing a golden colored middle.






This is a cool looking figure and the playability is excellent.  The articulation is incredible to get you Ranger into almost any pose.

The additional unhelmeted head is Trey of Triforia.  The sculpt on this head is a nice portrait and does actors Ted DiFillipo, Tom DiFillipo and  Tim DiFillipo proud.

If you couldn’t get the SDCC exclusive and don’t want to shell out the “evil” bay prices, you can fit Jason’s Red Ranger head onto this body.
























This has been a really great collection of figures and Hasbro should be proud but I would like to start seeing more Zeo Rangers.




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