SDCC He-man Origins review

Masters of the Universe is coming back in the fall of 2020 to create a new generation of He-man fans but Mattel was generous enough to give hardcore MOTU fans a peek with the SDCC 2019 two-pack.


The box was created by:

 Writer: Tim Seeley • Line Art: Axel Gimenez • Colorist: Val Staples • Background Painter: Nate Baertsch • Letterer: Ed Dukeshire • Illustration Support: Joseph Zacate • Sculpt: Adam deFelice & Sean Olmos










The box is a sturdy with the Castle Grayskull rock and He-man’s vintage style harness over the rock.  Prince Adam’s magical lines are carved on tablets on the sides of the box.  The top features the Masters of the Universe logo.




The inner box showcases a translucent cover over the Castle Grayskull background.  The recreated art is based on Alfredo Alcala charter designs recreated by Axel Gimenez.


The translucent sides of the box features Prince Adam in his DC Comics’ series attire and theAlcal inspired Power sword.  The box itself has the new Origins He-man on one side and a split of He-man and Adam on the other.  The rear of the box features a He-man, Battle Cat and the Spirit of Grayskull by Axel Gimenez.

Aside from the beautiful artwork on the outside of the box the inside of the box is an updated version of the “Power of Grayskull” mini comic.


The box itself is collector friendly which includes the removable comic.  Removable window packaging allows you to remove the figure and return the figure to the box when you are done playing.

Origins will be a 5.5″   vintage style line with modern articulation and customization features.



Prince Adam’s look is based on the DC Comics’ mini series.  His blue vest is made from real material and his belt includes a jewel.  The sculpt is based on the vintage line of the 80’s but with more sculpted  muscles.  The new articulation is modern with the head being able to be positioned up, down, right and left freely.  The hands are interchangeable with four other hands that have full hand rotation.

The paint is clean and straight forward, no tanning for Adam.

The arms, shoulders and elbows are all articulated and move freely as well.  The waist rotates but does not have the rubber band snap back that the vintage figures had.

The legs are articulated at the hip, knees, top of the boot and ankles.

Both figures include four extra hands, a vintage head, Alcala inspired Power Sword, axe and shield.

Only He-man includes a knife, Adam does not but originally was intended to include one.




One of the features that has been used in the “Classics” line is the ability to customize your figures.  The head is affixed to the body using a ball joint.  Adam as well as He-man comes with two heads.  A modern and vintage head.  The hands are swappable with the hands incorporating a stem that is inserted into the arm.

You can also swap parts with Mattel’s Masters of the WWE figures.

Prince Adam is one of my favorite characters but I’m not really a fan of his DC look and if you are not, we are getting a Filmation Origins Prince Adam with a Sky sled next year.


  “By the Power of Grayskull!”



He-man’s sculp is the same as Adam’s including the articulation and customization.

He-man’s harness also includes a rear belt to hold his sword or axe.

Most of the figure’s parts are removable including the head, wrists and boots.

Based on the vintage figure as well He-man includes a mini knife that was included in the original mini comics.



The paint is clean and He-man is sporting a nice tan to differentiate him from Adam.

The figure comes with two heads a modern and a vintage head.

I have to say that the modern Origins’ head looks more like a wrestler than a He-man figure.  It is growing on me but this head just looks like he’s ready to go into a ring.




I love the articulation on these new figures, you can position them in almost any pose.


Now I have heard that the Origins He-man cannot hold his Power Sword tightly but during the Mattel panel at Powercon this will be corrected with the retail version.

Origins He-man and Vintage He-man

Origins He-man with Vintage Battle Cat


This is a fantastic figure worthy of the name He-man.  Possibility and playability are incredible and I cannot wait to one day play  He-man with my son.  The future looks bright for Masters of the Universe with this line going to retail in the fall of 2020 starting with the original 8 figures.  The regular release will retail for $14.99 a figure.

Unfortunately this set is sold out at Mattel and can only be found at the secondary market for an increased price but it is well worth the price.  If you love He-man and cannot wait until next fall, this set is well worth the price.  I cannot wait to see the other figures we will get in this line.  The power is back and is coming in full force.





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