Toylines podcast Episode 47

Here are all the pictures from Episode 47 of the Toylines podcast


Wave 3 of Thundercats Ultimates will be available this summer

Super 7 Reaction comic Turtles

Something big is coming from Bulky ToyZ

One:12 Bishop from X-men, Available now for preorder at Mezco Toyz

Super 7 Disney Ultimates from Super 7 $55.00 ea. preorder at Super

Masters of the Universe Masterverse figures based on the Netflix show by Kevin Smith

He-man, Skeletor, Evil Lyn and Mossman



Power Con Exclusives for Powercon 2021

Infinity Saga Quicksilver

 Teebo (Walmart Exclusive)  Otherworld Jawa Echo EchoPrototype Bobba Fett

 Nightbrother Warrior  Electronic Mandalorian Death watch helmet Echo

 Endor Luke Tuskan Raider  Death Star Droid Flame Trooper Vice Admiral Rampart Shock Trooper

Mcfarlane Hot Pursuit Flash











Dr. Fate

 Maskless Redhood Jason Todd

All for One Variant (Amazon)

Mythic Legion builders now available on Store Horsemen

MCU release schedule

Adventure Time Distant Lands Special May 20th on HBO MAX

 Usagi Yojimbo Tease


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